Living at Pericles

The Pericles houses are situated in Hoathly Hill and Sharpthorne Villages in beautiful country side, with good local connections to East Grinstead, Crawley and Tunbridge Wells.  The houses are run under the West Sussex Shared Lives Scheme and people live together as an extended family.

Everyone shares in the running and the responsibility of the house and all sit together for meals, which are an important part of the life at Pericles, lighting a candle and thanking for the meal before starting.

Meals are freshly cooked, using organic ingredients with a choice of seasonal vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, various grains, potatoes or pasta.

A healthy and beautiful environment is important for us and attention to detail, such as fresh flowers in the living and dining room areas.

We like to follow the cycle of the year with its different seasons and festivals, such as Candlemas, Easter, Pentecost, St. John’s, Michaelmas and Christmas, as well as any other festivals which are important to any of the residents. We talk about the origin of these days, decorate the houses and join with others from the workshops and colleagues to share special events and birthdays.

On Saturday mornings all take part in looking after the house together. Everybody has a task and everyone supports each other.

After lunch there may be an outing: for instance to a National Trust place, to a play, to the cinema or for a shopping trip.

Every few weeks the houses come together for a supper where we chat about our life, activities, achievements, plans, holidays etc

On Sunday morning those who wish attend a church service and some residents visit their families or friends.

Each house has a weekly house meeting where everyone is involved and plans, routines and problems etc. are discussed.

During the week day, residents may attend college, Pericles day activities, such as the craft workshops, work on the estate or in the gardens, on outreach for instance in the woodland areas at both the local community farms or at the Sharpthorne Organic Café and Community Centre or join Pericles Theatre Co.