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Following up on our success with The Tale of the Pig and winning the award for Best Family Show at the Brighton Fringe in May 2015 both The Tailor of Gloucester and The Ugly Duckling have won great praise touring over the last year and a half

We are currently touring our new show, based on a Romanian fairytale,

 The Promise of Everlasting Youth


This performing company are much loved for producing work for children which simultaneously tickles the funny bone of grownups, and this merry adventure draws every age, from babies to octogenarians.

Directed by Vasile Nedelcu

Original music and songs by Gregers Brinch


We are delighted to be working with Atelier Theatre Studio again on this project.

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Pericles Theatre Company was set up in 1999 in order to create Total Theatre, a multi-disciplinary approach to theatre. We work with professionals, amateurs with training or students in any of the theatre disciplines, and people with a special need such as problems around mental health, learning difficulties, homelessness, exclusion, isolation or neglect.
We access and develop the artistic talent of people who have no other means of experiencing theatre or show-casing their talent. The Theatre Company is part of the
charity Hoathly Hill Trust (charity number 1053982).

We use the medium of theatre consciously as an effective learning tool:

1. For the audience as an educative tool used to communicate, and provoke reactions to, the inequalities in our society- inequality in relation to difference and diversity in general as well as to disability.

2. For the participants to learn that they can express themselves, that people will listen and that they and their work have an intrinsic value to others.

We create educational and awareness-raising projects which bring people of all ages and abilities and from all walks of life together -locally and nationally- thus contributing directly to community life.


The Aims of Our Organisation

Here at Pericles Theatre Company, one of our core aims is to integrate people with learning disabilities into the local community. We work to create an environment where they can learn new skills which will aid them to become more self-assured in supporting themselves and realising their strengths and how much they have to offer.

We will challenge people’s perception of disability. Ultimately it is our society that must change to adapt to the people within it, not the people to the society. We want to showcase the talents they have and highlight the real contribution that they can and do make to their community.

Theatre is an effective learning tool often used to communicate, and provoke reactions to, important local and global issues. Our intention and proven track record as a theatre company is to fully implement this.

By creating and presenting this fairy-tale with our students, a form is provided which connects them profoundly and life-changingly to essential relationships and values. Working together in the very process of co-ordinated theatre, the benefits are manifold – both tangible and intangible.

Previous Productions

Bench (2005) was commissioned by The Music of the Heart Conference at Cambridge University (during which world famous heart surgeons and artists came together to share their work and inspiration as part of a SciArt project. Amongst others involved were the author Brian Keenan, the composers Nigel Osborne and John Tavener and the Hilliard Ensemble. Refugees from Gatwick detention Centre did our artwork under the expert guidance of Marianne Patterson, a well-known and respected Art Therapist and Artist based in the South of England and working widely in UK and abroad). Shakespeare’s

Pericles (2008) was commissioned by the International Carer’s conference in Switzerland. In a most extraordinary way this production brought together people with high professional standards, promising young musicians and gifted artists with a learning disability.

In The Flying Ship (2012-13) as with all our shows, the costumes, instruments, props and set were designed and made by people with disabilities, artisans and volunteers in the Pericles Workshops. We attracted big audiences and had some wonderful reviews:

‘Deeply moving, beautifully and sensitively performed production.. Bring some tissues..there was not a dry eye in the house…you will not be disappointed. Best production I’ve seen in a long time..many thanks to Pericles for this wonderful experience.’ Nori Rhodes.

‘We really enjoyed the performance and found it inspiring…you were all amazing actors..very creative musical interludes..costumes were really good…the songs were imaginative and passionate dancing excellent. These actors will make great headway in their acting careers. Thank you for your fabulous show!’ Children at Estcots Primary School.

In The Tale of the Pig (2014-15) a poor and lonely old couple, desperate to have a child, adopt a pig…This was a funny and touching folk tale also directed by Vasile Nedelcu. We had a hugely successful run with 20 performances over the year at venues such as The Greatest Tent on Earth at Camp Bestival, The Warren at the Brighton Fringe (where we won the award for Best Family Show), The Glasshouse in Stourbridge, Ringwood Waldorf School, Nutley Hall Community and St Barnabas School in Tunbridge Wells.

The audience and critics response was incredible and we received a 5 star review from Remote Goat and huge praise from London Theatre Review who said The Tale of the Pig performance was ‘proof of the transformative power of theatre for both audience and actor’.

Jasmine- actress with disabilities said ‘My best moment is being with Vasile and everybody. He has made my dream to be an actress come true’

Paul Wheeler- Director of Have I got news for you said ‘This show is truly beautiful..wonderfully creative and imaginative, it makes you laugh and cry along the way. A ‘must see’ that warms the heart and gives hope for humanity’

Zita Ra- Drama teacher at Philpots Manor School said ‘I was very impressed. The production was just stunning!’


Who are we and what do we do?

Jasmine Quayle enjoys being on stage and is a gifted actress and dancer.

Sheila Fink has been in the Pericles Theatre Company for many years. With the Flying Ship she was jointly responsible for the stage management as well as acting in the play.

Joyce Fink has also been in Pericles Theatre Company for a long time. I enjoyed learning how to be the characters that I played”

Paul Johnson has been working at Pericles for the last 13-14 years. He joined the theatre company for its’ first production.

Vasile Nedelcu is the director and he runs drama workshops with people with disabilities. Vasile graduated in stage directing from the prestigious Bucharest University of Theatre and Film, and he taught there for 7 years, directing in parallel for different professional theatres. In 1995 and 1998 his productions were selected among the best shows of the year at the Romanian National Theatre Festival. He completed his MA in Aesthetics and Art of Theatre in 2001. He moved to England 10 years ago and works as a director and teacher. He is a guest teacher/director at the Bucharest University of Theatre and Film (2013). Review of ‘Peer Gynt’ (Glasshouse Festival, Stourbridge): “The production superbly brings out the brilliance of Ibsen’s vision. With Romanian director Vasile Nedelcu at the helm, the show is endlessly inventive” –Birmingham Post. Review for ‘The Snow Queen’- winner of best family show at the Brighton Fringe 2005 “Just pure magic. Truly enchanting” Fiona Maddocks- Observer. Vasile also runs Atelier Community Theatre.

In the productions he runs the rehearsals with the cast. He works with music, especially percussion, and with mime as well as with storytelling and speech to create the production.

Caroline Oates and Rob Hunt are local artisans. They run the craft workshops at Pericles making beautiful hand-crafted objects such as scarves, bags, booties, tea and coffee cosies and hot-water bottle covers. They also make felted paintings and coasters, pot stands and splashbacks. They will work together with Vasile Nedelcu and the participants to design and create the set, costumes, props and instruments. To catch a glimpse of what they do, have a look at the website: or at the facebook page:

What is achieved?

The process and result are both enjoyable and educating. Our projects can enhance quality of life as the participants learn to be more confident and assertive. A boost in confidence can lead people to take charge of their own lives and manage their own support. They can then control the support that is delivered to them and potentially start to move towards independence.

These are social projects which encourage communication and spending time working and being together. Social networking helps people to build up a social life thus combatting loneliness and isolation.

Participants are given the opportunity to learn a craft which creates a sense of achievement and can lead to employment.

A theatre show brings local people together- this contributes directly to community life.

Many other people will also benefit from this project

• The general public are informed about human rights issues

• People see that there is value in inclusion

• Children’s’ and young peoples’ misconceptions can be dispersed before they can really take root.

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